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Firstly, the WFAT would like to thank all of our competitors and host facilities for a fantastic 2013/14 season. We have seen some exceptional golf courses, great players and enjoyable experiences!! As I am sure you are all aware 2013/14 also saw a change at the helm of the WFAT. As Sam decided to seek pastures new, which saw myself (Ross Hanson) take over. Once again, I'd like to thank you all for your patience and your ongoing support. I will take the opportunity to assess this past season and look for ways to improve it. I hope to bring fresh and innovating ideas, in order to improve your overall experience with us. Along with keeping the main objective of the tour, which is your enjoyment as players.

Current Campaign
Current Year Career
1John Vaccaro$800800
2Larry Herman$725725
3Roc Irey$675675
4Gene Seashore$600600
5Achim Triebel$570570
6Josh Stevens$545545
7Adam Zaidel$510510
8Bradford Franks$400400
9Bernie Starchuk$380380
10Michael McIvor$375375
11Justine Harper$370370
12Tim Morrissey$330330
13Tien Nguyen$275275
14Larry Freed$260260
T15Dave Slayton$250250
1John Vaccaro$800800
2Larry Herman$725725
3Roc Irey$675675
4Gene Seashore$475475
5Bernie Starchuk$380380
6Michael McIvor$375375
7Achim Triebel$370370
T8Adam Zaidel$275275
T8Josh Stevens$275275
T8Bradford Franks$275275
T8Tien Nguyen$275275
12Larry Freed$260260
T13Gary Kirschner$250250
T13Dave Slayton$250250
T13Pavel Vilimovsky$250250
1John Vaccaro$3,0403,040
2Bradford Franks$1,9001,900
3Josh Stevens$1,7721,772
4Anthony Baccari$1,7151,715
5William Goshorn$1,6801,680
6Mark Sheffield$1,4631,463
7Mike Dolan$1,2771,277
8Paul Nicoletti$1,2151,215
9Adam Zaidel$1,2101,210
10Richard Zinno$1,0821,082
11Jerry McParland$1,0551,055
12Eric Huynh$1,0251,025
13Gene Seashore$975975
14Achim Triebel$960960
15Pavel Vilimovsky$830830
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