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With The West Florida Am-Tour's first event fast approaching, at the Ritz-Carlton Members Club on December 1st. No-one has captured the excitement better than the West Florida Am-Tour's own TA Niles.After following the West Florida Golf Tour's Summer Tour, TA wrote a variety of impressive reports on the results of the events week after week. Now, in anticipation of WFAT 2014/15 season, TA has used his writing skills to sum up the mood surrounding the season opener of his own tour. Take a minute and read how TA Niles brilliantly describes the experience of playing on the tour. If this doesn't get you taking the clubs out for a clean or heading down the range, to polish of your game ahead of your first tee time I don't know what will?

Current Campaign
Current Year Career
1John Vaccaro$800800
2Larry Herman$725725
3Roc Irey$675675
4Gene Seashore$600600
5Achim Triebel$570570
6Josh Stevens$545545
7Adam Zaidel$510510
8Bradford Franks$400400
9Bernie Starchuk$380380
10Michael McIvor$375375
11Justine Harper$370370
12Tim Morrissey$330330
13Tien Nguyen$275275
14Larry Freed$260260
T15Dave Slayton$250250
1John Vaccaro$800800
2Larry Herman$725725
3Roc Irey$675675
4Gene Seashore$475475
5Bernie Starchuk$380380
6Michael McIvor$375375
7Achim Triebel$370370
T8Adam Zaidel$275275
T8Josh Stevens$275275
T8Bradford Franks$275275
T8Tien Nguyen$275275
12Larry Freed$260260
T13Gary Kirschner$250250
T13Dave Slayton$250250
T13Pavel Vilimovsky$250250
1John Vaccaro$3,0403,040
2Bradford Franks$1,9001,900
3Josh Stevens$1,7721,772
4Anthony Baccari$1,7151,715
5William Goshorn$1,6801,680
6Mark Sheffield$1,4631,463
7Mike Dolan$1,2771,277
8Paul Nicoletti$1,2151,215
9Adam Zaidel$1,2101,210
10Richard Zinno$1,0821,082
11Jerry McParland$1,0551,055
12Eric Huynh$1,0251,025
13Gene Seashore$975975
14Achim Triebel$960960
15Pavel Vilimovsky$830830
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Monday, 12/01/14
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  • 10+ different courses utilized
  • Gross/Net prizes
  • A Performance Center (TRACKMAN & SAM PUTT Lab)
  • Flexible tee times
  • Quota Game/Special events
  • Skins game included
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